To celebrate the launch of ALT.tf, we’ve put together an IRRESISTIBLE offer that’ll allow the few who manage to secure it an incredible amount of flexibility when it comes to using the ALT MariaClara font in the real world.

To celebrate its release, we made 200x inclusive lifetime font licenses available.
£1,500 discounted to £15 (99% OFF!).

But what does an inclusive lifetime license include, you ask?

Most importantly, ‘perpetual’ or ‘in-perpetuity’ means never-ending, meaning the license will never expire. Keeping scrolling to learn more. 

What’s Included 

• 1-3 Users / 1-3 Locations
• Desktop License
• Web License (unlimited page views)
• Logo / Mark License
• Social Media License
• Broadcasting License (including music streaming and film)
• Product Sales License (up to 1,000 units sold for financial gain)
• Unlimited Third Party Rights
FREE Font Updates (including additional weights) For Life!

What’s NOT Included

• Modifications (letterforms)
• Transferability 
• Applications / Interface License
• Game License
• Re-sell / Redistribution of the Font Software
• Product Sales License (over 1,000 units sold for financial gain)

Digital Images
Approved formats include JPEG, PNG, PDF, EPS, GIF, and MP4 all of which can be uploaded and hosted on all social media platforms, unlimited URL web pages/sites, and used for digital ads with no restrictions on the number of impressions, engagements, views or clicks in perpetuity. 

Print Production
A copy of the font software may be sent as part of a file release to a pre-press bureau or printer if necessary. The fonts may also be embedded into files of the Portable Document Format (PDF), PostScript (PS), and Encapsulated PostScript (EPS) types.

Printed Matter
This EULA enables THE LICENSEE to create printed documents, books, reviews, newspapers, posters, flyers, and more generally, as part of any literary and media publishing activity. Products sold for financial gain are capped at 1,000 units before a License extension is required.

Embedding The Font
The font software may be embedded in one (1x) web domain, with no restrictions on the number of pages instead that same domain as body copy, titles, headlines, subtitles, and captions.

Monthly Page Views
This introductory license has no restrictions on the number of monthly web page views the registered domain receives with the font software embedded within in perpetuity. 

Social Media Usages
Digital images utilising / including the font software may be uploaded to all social media platforms including but not limited to LinkedIn, Discord, Slack, Vimeo, Facebook, VK, TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter.

Followers / Engagement
This introductory license has no restrictions on the number of followers a social media account has nor number of engagements including saves, likes, views, comments or remixes. 

Logo / Mark / Branding Usages
The font software can be used to represent a brand, company, organisation, or initiative in the form of a mark/logotype.  Approved formats include JEPG, PNG, EPS, PDF, GIF, MP4. All content containing the brand’s mark/ logotype can be uploaded and hosted on all social media platforms, URL web pages / sites, used for digital/physical ads, and branded merchandise materials (that are not sold for financial gain) in perpetuity. 

The mark/logotype that utilises the font software can be trademarked in an unlimited number of countries worldwide in perpetuity. 

Number of Instances
The font software can appear in an unlimited number of branded instances in perpetuity. This includes but not limited to, key cards, business cards, merchandise, websites, murals, digital newsletters, advertising (digital and print), email signatures, publications, inserts, and brochures.

Broadcasting / Film / Music Streaming Usages
The font software may be used in digital or physical imagery and broadcasted on music streaming platforms including, but not limited to Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, public and or / streamed music events. Additional rights include but are not limited to album covers, public digital signage screens, digital images, and public-facing videos played at events.

Public Video / Live Streaming
The font software may be utilised in broadcasting cases especially for video and moving image that is publicly transmitted through the following formats:

Twitch, TV broadcasting, Youtube, movie streaming platforms such as, but limited to Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime, cinema, cinema advertising, and custom streaming.

This introductory license has no restrictions on the number of views, downloads, saves, impressions, clicks or engagments.

Sold For Financial Gain
The font software may be utilised as a part of a small product line of up to 1,000 physical or digital units (including NFTs) sold for financial gain. If THE LICENSEE reaches this cap, they will need to either purchase a license extension or contact ALT Type Foundry for a quote.

Free Products
Free products, such as free digital downloads or free physical products have no cap on the number of units that can be produced in perpetuity.